Why a political scientist for the people, or «Halturk» for Khazin


Why a political scientist for the people, or «Halturk» for Khazin - Мафія України

Conspiracy theorist Mikhail Khazin does not cease to surprise with his entrepreneurship. Usually he is busy compiling crazy and provocative forecasts, according to which his readers are supposedly constantly threatened by something terrible: the devaluation of the ruble, terrible hunger, or even the collapse of the country. This is done with the sole purpose of drawing attention to his person. The lightweight resident, according to Khazin’s plan, will first read all sorts of nightmares on his website, and then he will go there again and again in the hope that the guru will share advice on how to avoid the upcoming disaster.

For a small amount of fee, as people who know him tell, Hazin is also ready to blame the one who will be told for all the foretold future misfortunes. Decent experts, of course, will not even talk to Khazin. But all sorts of runaway fraudsters and a similar audience for a sweet soul. This is how Khazin and the fugitive oligarch Sergei Makhlai convicted of fraud probably found each other. Two years ago, the main owner of Togliattiazot PJSC, a US citizen Sergey Makhlay, along with accomplices, was convicted in absentia in Russia for fraud on an especially large scale. They were also ordered to pay a total of 87 billion rubles. victims of fraud. But Makhlai is not going to give anything yet, but instead is trying in every way to take revenge on Russia, as well as the Uralchem company Dmitry Mazepin, who filed an application with him in the RF IC in 2012.

In general, Hazin is known in the expert environment for making his fabrications against those on whom the customer’s finger will show, of course, provided that he pays. Sometimes he is so fond that he descends to outright slander. Hazin probably forgot that two years ago he was repeatedly explained for spreading slander to law enforcement agencies. And now, apparently, I decided that everything was possible again, and even the order turned up.

«Growing contradictions between elite groups» — such a state-owned formulation entitled Khazin his next custom pasquil. «In our country (and in the world, by and large) there are various fun things. And they always ask me what to do and where to look, «Hazin begins. «For example, the other day I (on the advice of friends) went to the website of the analytical group A.I.S.T., on which I found a detailed analysis of the financial condition of Uralchem and Uralkali. Those who carefully read my texts know that I followed the corporate war of the owner of these companies Mazepin and the Togliattiazot group Makhlai, and even then everything was not very good with Mazepin. » That is, Khazin did not manage to talk about the «increase in contradictions between groups» for too long, and he begins to discuss the analytical report of the group A.I.S.T. two years ago, which, on the «advice of friends,» he decided to read. As it turned out, the role of «friends» was played by one large Russian PR agency hired by Makhlai, who not only advised Khazin to read the report, but also paid him for it, and also provided him with a technical assignment — who to «urinate» and what to say. This gives such a comic effect to Khazin’s attempt to combine the wishes of the customer and his signature conspiracy delusions.

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Interestingly, the analytical center A.I.S.T., which issued its report on the allegedly deplorable financial condition of the Uralchem and Uralkali companies, was created a year before the release of this report by one person and has an authorized capital of 20 thousand rubles. Neither before nor after the release of this report did the «think tank» note anything more. This suggests that this so-called «think tank» was created specifically for the preparation of the said «report.» The report itself was specially created two years ago by order of the same Sergei Makhlai. The main conclusion of the «study» is the imminent and imminent bankruptcy of Uralchem and Uralkali. But two years have passed, and neither company has any signs of bankruptcy. That is, the forecast of A.I.S.T. turned out to be about as accurate as Hazin’s regular forecasts of the collapse of the dollar.

Khazin complains that these two «seemingly public companies» do not publish reports. At the same time, it is quite obvious that the author did not even bother to work out the TA normally and go to the sites of the companies about which he writes, otherwise he was at least aware that, for example, Uralkhim was a private company and was not obliged to publish reports, and Uralkali’s annual reporting was present on the company’s website. However, such negligence is also the signature handwriting of «economist Mikhail Khazin.»

Khazin is also indignant that his son Dmitry Mazepin Nikita, speaking in Formula 1, dared to inflict the colors of the Russian flag on his racing car. It is clear why the American Sergei Makhlay is cut from this, but why does the Russian citizen Khazin suddenly not rest the use of the Russian flag by the Russian athlete?

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As usual, Khazin does not miss the opportunity to walk through the Russian government and plunge something like «either the president does not control the situation or he does not care about it.» «Fifthly, the history of Uralhim and Uralkali shows that the state is quite spiteful (in our particular case) in its regulatory duties,» writes Khazin. Rather, Hazin and his sponsors, who did not bother to give him at least any relevant information, were disgusting in their duties, which is why the unfortunate conspiracy theorist has to invent the wording one more murky than the other.

Khazin ends in his signature style: intra-elite liberals from the government and state corporations that hold President Putin hostage went to Russia by war. Liberals are controlled, of course, by the State Department from Washington. I wonder why Hazina did not attend the idea that the State Department controls, say, American citizen Mahlay? It would be much more complex and logical. Apparently, no one paid him for this.

But in pursuit of cheap sensations, Hazin did not reach such a thing. For example, in 2009, he promised a terrible famine in Eastern Europe, oil at $25 per barrel and millions of unemployed in Moscow. In the summer of 2018, he foresaw the imminent collapse of the WTO, and the Russians were predicted by hunger.

Khazin is also known for his sharp attacks on the Russian government and direct insults to federal officials. Most of the others go to the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov. Khazin is asked about such topics: «We will see that most of the population is macroeconomic illiterate and for this reason allows you to hang noodles on your ears, which, in particular, are hung by the Minister of Finance.»

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Khazin became famous for simply inadequate statements that quite pull on extremism. So, at the end of 2016, at a meeting of the Russian Outlook club, he unequivocally called for the destruction of people in Ukraine: «Yes, there are, roughly speaking, several million people who cannot be corrected. Well, they need to be partially eliminated, and partially kicked out. «

Probably, Hazin proceeds from the fact that any mention, except for the obituary, is already an advertisement. However, in the community of real economists, his expert talents do not take seriously, and the need for money forces him to take on the dirtiest and most dubious orders. Perhaps he hopes that they will forget about this, as they forgot about all the nonsense that he had managed to write over more than two decades. But, providing services to convicted criminals, it is easy not to notice how you become one of them.

Source: APN www.apn.ru/index.php?newsid=39719.

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