More pleasure: erotic massage techniques

We understand what types and techniques of erotic massage will give maximum pleasure to both partners.

Since ancient times, people have been studying the techniques of erotic massage – with the help of gentle, sensual and intimate caresses, partners learned to communicate in body language. A lot of time has passed, the secrets of erotic art have been passed down from generation to generation, and today we have the opportunity to learn secrets that will definitely change your  life for the better. It should be noted right away that erotic massage serves not so much for excitement as for relaxation – it helps partners to establish bodily contact, increase trust in each other, warm feelings. Also, with the help of erotic massage, a couple can recognize each other’s erogenous zones, increase energy and relax. It is important that nothing distracts from the process, and that the person doing the massage has energy that he is ready to share.

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An important point is the choice of massage oil. It should be natural and without a strong smell. Do not use oils that are not intended for massage, this can harm the skin, cause allergies. It would be a good idea to take a massage candle – they melt easily and do not leave burns, and warm oil from the candle will give additional sensations, help you play with your partner’s passion.

Hands, feet, face – all parts of the body can participate in the massage. Sakura Branch, for example, is a type of massage in which you have to bring your partner to orgasm without entrance. Imagine: hypnotic music or an erotic melody is playing, candles are burning, your skin is shiny with oil, and you are wriggling on your partner’s body, touching all his erogenous zones. Languid breathing, eyes shining with excitement – all this will make you both forget that there is something else. Here only you, only your love, passion and desire. Therefore, relax, apply oil on yourself, on the body of a man, with light stroking movements, and surrender to the feelings. In this type of massage, it is recommended to touch the buttocks and back with the chest – many couples note that this gives the most pleasant sensations.

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Lingam massage is a massage in which a woman, caressing a man’s part with her hands, brings him to orgasm. In this case, it is recommended to use silicone lubricant – it will give the effect of sliding hands and does not absorb as quickly as oils. It is important that all movements are with emphasis down, that is, it is necessary to squeeze the palm only when it slides from top to bottom. If you still decide to prolong the pleasure of a man or play with his orgasm – prolong, squeeze your palms when you move them up. The tongue and lips will also add sensuality to the process. Don’t forget to kiss the body, genitals, fingers or earlobe.

Another option for erotic massage is to sit face to face (the woman should be between the legs of the partner), apply silicone lubricant to the legs and move them over the thighs and part, again using silicone lubricant, and then switch roles. The main thing is to do everything carefully and without sudden movements, so as not to cause injury.

Many are embarrassed to do erotic massage because they are afraid to look stupid, but if you start small and understand what type of massage really suits you, you will realize that such caresses take feelings and emotions to new level their fantasies). If you are confused by the lack of practice in this matter, you can always turn to the Internet, go to training, or simply trust your intuition and desire. The main thing is to be yourself, love yourself in the process, share this love with your partner, and then passion will not leave your relationship.

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